Black Scoop Cafe – East Kapitolyo

Date: September 06, 2019

T. G. I. F. it is.

After having a great dinner and little drinking🍺 session with my former teammates, we went off to Black Scoop Cafe

It’s time to have some good dessert and good place to hangout, extend the night and play our favorite game card “Spot It!”.

We stayed there until 1AM. Well, most cafes wont give a death stare if you stay for long hours at their establishments, but it still is good to mention that here.

As for the matcha, the taste is balanced. It is not too sweet which just fits my taste buds.

At this point, with a lot of milk tea establishments propping up here and there, it’s hard to standout of the crowd. I could’ve said “Hey, this is just another milk tea place, a little fancy, but still milk tea”, but because of their balanced sweetness, I’d say that this shop is a must try.

Apart from their milk tea not trying to end your life by 40, the ambience is great. The fact that we were able to stay here till 1AM playing “Spot It!”, is a big plus.

I’d say that I would most likely be back here. You should try it out too! This shop is #itadakemoi approved 😛

It’s been quite a night, from eating, to drinking, to… drinking while playing cards. This shop definitely made the day end with a smile.


Matcha BSL (L): 160 php


Black Scoop Cafe – East Kapitolyo

No. 46 E Capitol Dr, Pasig, 1603 Metro Manila

  • Sun – Thu : 10am–11pm (pst)
  • Fri – Sat : 11am–1am (pst)

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