My Starbucks Green Tea Latte Adventure (In the Beginning.. )

You sound it right. Maybe this blog is for the green tea lover or Matcha fanatic out there.

But for the non-believers you could always try to join the cause whenever you want.

This was taken at my room during ECQ.
©️2020 itadakemoi®

To start I’m really not a fan of green tea or Matcha flavor because of its mysterious and weird taste. But I don’t know one day I just found out that my taste buds was craving for it.

It all started when I was in Japan. When I tried my first ever green tea encounter. It was out of curiosity that I’ve ordered that green tea thingy. It was disguised as Matcha. I’ve been fooled.

In Japan, Starbucks name for Green Tea is “Matcha”(抹茶).

Kore wa matcha desu.

And I always ordered a venti size.

Saizu wa venti desu.

Because winter just started and the cold winter breeze can be felt in your veins. Grrrr…

Hot-O desu.
This was taken @ Starbucks Hanston, Ortigas, Pasig City.
©️2020  itadakemoi®

My nihongo back in the days is not yet good same as today. Just hitting the right keyword, pointing it out in a brochure or any pictures and mimicking how they prounouced it does the trick.

But maybe now because of advancement of technology. You can use any translating app like Google.Translate. As long as you have an internet connection there is nothing to worry about visiting Japan.

This was taken during work at Home during ECQ.
©️2020  itadakemoi®

Eventually, my order was a success. Horaayy!

The first sip is a little bit odd. But the next was just history. Maybe because of the cold weather that I didn’t mind the taste after all. I need to be HOT.. Oh Yeah!.

After that experience, my taste buds was craving for that Matcha taste again and again. And it turned me to a Matcha lover. It’s so “Matcharap kasi”.

Most of Starbucks Barista in Japan can understand English and some can do English conversation as well. Thumbs up Japan.

Even when I came back here in the Philippines and visited asian countries. I always ordered that green tea latte whenever I stopped by a Starbucks Store.

During a stressful days of my life, sipping a hot Green Tea Latte soughts my mood. Inner Peace…

This was taken after a stressful day
@Starbucks Ayala 30th, Pasig City
©️2020  itadakemoi®

During ECQ here in Manila, Good thing food courier like Grab caters delivery of this drink.

Thanks to our Frontliners, Grab Courier’s and Barista’s of Starbucks for making this happen. I salute you!

This was taken at my room during ECQ. I ordered via food courier Grab from Starbucks Tektite, Ortigas Pasig City
©️2020  itadakemoi®

Thats all for now. And I’m wondering if you like my bloggy or are you entertained by it? Is my story telling good?. I need inputs people? Just kidding. So please write comments and suggestions below.

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©️2020  itadakemoi®

Stay safe everyone. Stay at home if possible.

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