Pecho Chicken Inasal – JT Manukan Grille

Pecho Chicken Inasal

  • Price: 148 PHP
  • Restaurant: JT’s Manukan Grille – Home Depot Ortigas

When I was a kid, I grew up really like eating chicken inasal especially the pecho part. “Pecho” means chicken breast Visayan-style barbecue. My mom always ordered me to buy that pecho a couple blocks away from our house.

Every Saturday its like a celebration for me because it’s my father’s payday and we can afford to buy that Pecho. My siblings used to call that night “Sabodo Nyts”.

What I like about JTs Pecho Chicken Inasal is the flavor of the chicken. And it’s really good for me. Also, the pecho is not too dry and not too wet. I don’t use condiments or “sawsawan” that’s why I can really taste its true flavor.

“Sawsawan – a combination of calamansi and sili (chili pepper) added with Suka (Vinegar) at Toyo (Soy Sauce).”

Since it was a delivery, I think its best if it’s wrapped in a banana leaf. For me it adds up in the flavor or maybe the aroma upon opening it in your home. I don’t know if you have a chicken oil, but its not included in my delivery.

Food Delivery Service Details:

  • Food Panda App (No Delivery Charge)
  • Payment: COD (Cash On Delivery)
  • Delivered to: Ortigas, Pasig City, Metro Manila, PHL

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