Ramen Nagi – 30th Ayala Mall

Mussel King: 495 php

Starting the Ber-Months with a different style of Ramen. For our featured Food for the day “the Mussel King ” . This is another Ramen Nagi Innovation.

The broth: Creamy. My favorite type of ramen.

Based on their facebook page: Ramen Nagi Manila: it’s their signature tonkotsu broth cooked in cream and white wine sauce.

The presentation: 5 out of 5. They had 12 mussels in this ramen dish, which is plentiful to say the least. The mussels looked fresh and it tastes like… mussels. Well, fresh mussels, if that means anything.

The fusion of the broth and the mussels are the best. The mussels’ salty seafood taste adds the flavor to the broth.

As for the noodles, it is normal cooked. Although you cannot see the noodles initially due of the plentiful mussels on top of the noodles.

I have to note that Ramen Nagi allows you to configure your Ramen, like the Richness of Taste, Special Sauce, etc.

When I was in Kobe, Japan. I tried out many combinations with this Ramen. My favorite is adding up Chasu Rice. I’m not sure if it’s the Filipino in me that got my taste buds to love Rice, but this add-on with the Ramen is superb.

Chasu Rice: 200 php

The Chasu rice is basically rice topped with chopped chasu, whipped Kewpie mayoinaise, a little wasabe for the minty spice, and topped with spring onions to finished the presentation.


4 out of 5. The twist in creating a different ramen, did meet our expectations. Mussel Ramen was quite tasty, and paired with the Chasu Rice, is very filling. The price isn’t exactly cheap in Philippine standards, but the taste and experience makes up for it.

If you’re stomach can handle the Ramen + Chasu Rice, it’s a must try combination


  • Mussel King: 495 php
  • Chasu Rice: 200 php
  • Service Charge 10%


Ramen Nagi

Level 2 Ayala Malls The 30th, Pasig, Metro Manila, PH

  • Mon – Thu 11am–9pm (pst)
  • Fri – Sun 11am–10pm (pst)

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