The Black Boar – East Kapitolyo

Date: September 06, 2019

A friend of mine invited me to have a dinner at The Black Boar.
I haven’t been there, which is what got me excited. Not to mention that it is a Friday and no, I had no scheduled “gimmick”, so that’s an obvious “yes” to the invitation.

Oh, actually, I always accept invites to eat out. I mean, how can you say no to food.

You can always invite me at your service. Need someone to tag along on your lonely nights? Invite me. Just make sure that food is involved.

Oh, and also, this is extra content for my foodie blog, right? 😁😁😁

The place is like a British pub, or maybe an American bikers pub minus the mandatory Harley big bikes that should be in front of the establishment. As for the interior, it is as cozy as a bar can ever be.

Not sure if I should mention this, but there were no big dudes with big beards and leather jackets drinking beers. I was half hoping to experience the stereotype, just as how the movies depicted pubs such as this one. 😂

My friend told me to try out their pork chop, but alas, it was not available on that night. The crew recommended to try the Pork belly instead, and I did.

The taste was outstanding especially, wait for it, the belly part. Well, I ordered the pork “belly”, so yeah, the belly did the trick. But as this is obviously on the opposite side of the healthy diet spectrum, people with hypertension should be a little careful. It’s tasty that you can’t help but eat, which would get your doctor to ground you for the rest of your life.

As for the chicken skin, it is crunchy and not oily. Not sure if it’s borderline healthy, but at least it isn’t as… uhm… unhealthy as the tasty pork belly.

The Spam Fries taste like… spam🙄 not your usual pulutan, so I think this is what made it interesting for me.

Also, the background music at the place seemed to be an 80s or 90s music. That added up the feels in the pub, definitely a plus point in the ambiance sector.

I’d like to give a verdict on this place today, but I wasn’t able to taste their “recommended” pork chop, and the chocolate beer that other bloggers recommend… Thus, I say:

I’ll be back

– The Terminator

The experience was great, and I’m hoping to try out their best food before jotting down my verdict of this awesome pub.


The Black Boar

78E Capitol Drive, Pasig, Metro Manila, PH

  • Sun – Thu : 4pm–1am
  • Fri – Sat : 4pm–2am

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  • Daniel Cefram Ramirez  

    Hi Mumuichan!

    How much is the average dinner here?

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